This Week in Google Cloud — Churn prediction with BigQuery ML, no-code automation, ensuring vaccine equity

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Adding new ways for no-code automation

Digital transformation has been an enterprise priority for years, but the mandate is more pressing today than ever, with most companies increasing their technology investments over the last year. We announced the general availability of AppSheet Automation, a unified development experience for citizen and professional developers alike to build custom applications with automated processes, all without coding. Learn more about AppSheet Automation here.

Hello Poland, we are expanding…

Since Google opened its first office in Poland over 15 years ago, we have been supporting the country’s growing digital economy, providing our partners and customers with cutting-edge technology, knowledge and global insights. Now, as Poland looks towards economic recovery, enterprises and public organizations of all sizes are taking advantage of new cloud technologies, and we are delivering on our commitment. We are excited to announce that our new Google Cloud region in Warsaw is now open. The data center is designed to help Polish and other regional organizations build highly available applications for their customers. The Warsaw region is our first Google Cloud region in Poland and the seventh across Europe.

Churn prediction using Google Analytics 4 and BigQuery ML

User retention can be a major challenge for mobile game developers. In a blog post, Minhaz Kazi and Polong Lin, both Developer Advocates at Google Cloud, discuss how you can use BigQuery ML to run propensity models on Google Analytics 4 data from your gaming app to determine the likelihood of specific users returning to your app.

How Google Cloud is enabling vaccine equity

Google Cloud is already working with numerous states to help government and public health leaders introduce cloud-based communications and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, as part of our Intelligent Vaccine Impact solution (IVIs). We announced that we are expanding the IVIs platform to support a more equitable vaccination strategy at scale.

Announcing the Financial Services Summit, May 27, 2021

In this 2 hour event, you’ll learn how Google Cloud is helping financial institutions including PayPal, Global Payments, HSBC, Credit Suisse, and more unlock new possibilities and accelerate business through innovation and better customer experiences. Learn more and register for free: Global & EMEA.

DocAI solutions now generally available

Document (Doc) AI platform, Lending DocAI and Procurement DocAI, built on decades of AI innovation at Google, bring powerful and useful solutions across lending, insurance, government and other industries. Read more here.




Enterprise Architect at Google. Talking about everything cloud and clear. Driving the next generation of innovation & digital transformation with Google Cloud.

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Kishore Gopalan

Kishore Gopalan

Enterprise Architect at Google. Talking about everything cloud and clear. Driving the next generation of innovation & digital transformation with Google Cloud.

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